What Every Parent Needs to Know About EMF's and Frequency with Angelia LaRue

What Every Parent Needs to Know About EMF's and Frequency with Angelia LaRue


Meet today's guest:

Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist and Energy Practitioner, Healer, Psychic, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Surgeon, Manufacturer of Orgone Generators and has a small lab making Carbon 60 Oils.

Angie had a spontaneous awakening of consciousness on Dec 9th 2011 which radically altered her entire life. In time she learned she was remembering abilities which had been well used and developed over many lifetimes, including lives as a Crystal Acolyte, Priestess, Monk, Priest, Healer and other associated vocations.

Through following the voice and nudges of her Higher Self and the Divine, she not only moved into her Life’s Purpose but has helped many others to do the same and get fired up about being alive on this planet.  www.crystalarrays.com

Imagine yourself caught in a life that is very busy life yet has become dull and boring.

As you look into the mirror you feel this strong sense of what's the point of all this, and you realize that you’re ready to leave.

So, you apologize to God for not figuring it out and even go so far as to give your choir director the music you would like played at your funeral.

This was the more relatable part of my guest, Angelina LaRue's story. What happens next is quite extraordinary.

On December 9, 2011 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon while on the phone with a potential client, I walked into my kitchen to get a glass of water. When I turned around, the kitchen…I don't know how to describe this…it was like I could see between the atoms of everything. So I could see through the cabinets, everything got kind of dissolved or dissipated.

Suddenly this cloud of energy formed in the middle of the kitchen like a rift…and I can't tell you if it was actually there or if it was a psychic perception, but I was pulled into it and I'm crying out, "I'm falling, I'm falling!" to my client on the phone. There were no sides, no top, no bottom… It was almost like I fell between worlds … into this undefined place.

Somehow, I stopped and there was just a glow coming from me… From that moment on I began to see multi-dimensionally and I began to see the energetic nature of things. I began hearing this voice in my head that would periodically say things and urge me to go do things and to study things and complete chaos began.

This moment completely changed Angie’s life.

it destroyed my marriage, it took me out of Hawaii to the mainland and eventually to numerous different countries… and I was trained through all this.  …I gave up my life I recognized as a human –and apparently my Higher Self stepped in and took over.

After an interesting discussion about how and why something like this might happen, Angie and I moved on to the topic of frequency. Angie shared how everything vibrates at a certain level – even feelings – and described how a feeling like love vibrates at 528 hertz, while lower level feelings like anger, revenge,  are way down around 50 – 100.

Our emotions are on a whole different frequency scale. Love for example is 528 hz. The beginning of the opening of third eye and one of the second gateway states into the awakening of consciousness is 741 hz. Anger, frustration, shame, guilt, these are all very low – they are very, very low frequencies. So of course, repetitive thoughts or repetitive emotions that we have in our mind will eventually affect our body. It's a little bit slower to respond – thankfully – but we can literally make ourselves ill.

She shared details about the vibration of the earth, the sun and  even how the full moon intensifies things.

This is one way to describe our reality or what we are perceiving as our reality. Everything that exists, vibrates; and everything that vibrates is going to do so slower, faster, at a certain modulation and this is called frequency. One way that we easily understand frequency is dialing in a radio…this radio station exists at 98.2 another one at 104.1 and it’s a whole different bandwidth of information or knowledge that is coming in at each different frequency.

She shared how our frequency changes as well as a great way to raise your vibration and increase your health at the same time.

Our thinking – at whatever frequency it is at will affect the 68 – 72 hz that our body wants to be at. There's definitely a direct connection between our thoughts and emotions and the health of our body. When we feel gratitude the organs of our body feel safe – they're in a safe environment …it's safe to flourish and we stay healthier.

As we shifted our conversation onto the topic of electro-magnetic frequencies or EMF’s Angie and I could both feel the seriousness of our conversation intensify. It was obvious to us that spirit want’s you (our listeners) to hear this message so that you can do what you can to decrease the effects of cell phones, wi-fi and other electronics on our future generation’s development.

EMF's radically affect us because those frequencies shoot right though our body – right through our cells. And so as they pass through they are altering the state of our cells. High frequencies emotionally speaking are very, very good for us, but when we're talking about technology it's not so good and when we are close to things like wi-fi, cell phone towers we're actually receiving a pretty large dose of radiation.  In fact, the world health organization's international agency for research on cancer has classified wireless as a class 2B carcinogen based on research connecting it to brain cancer.

Angie shared some warnings especially when it comes to kids and EMF’s

It's particularly bad for young developing minds, the damage of radiation on a mind of a child 10 years old and younger is really large… So these EMF's are very strongly affecting human health and a number of worldwide agencies are starting to put out warnings and even bans now against wi-fi and cell phones … Wi-fi specifically in school systems because of the increased cancer rates and other things including ADHD and other cerebral problems that seem to be directly connected to this.

What can we do?

Angie told us about an Orgone Generator spirit guided her to research, develop and manufacture which has taught her a lot about healthy ways to keep your body strong.  We also talked about using a faraday cage as the only way to ensure you stop 100% of EMF’s and how you can create one for your baby using special material enmeshed with silver.

The general recommendation from the World Health Organization is to go back to ethernet, fiber optics, and landlines, but there are other things that we can do …Orgone generators are one way that we can reduce our exposure to EMF's and we can have those sitting on wi-fi's, smart meters, microwaves …They are a series of different types of metals which act as antennas in a single long chain organic material and are a resin with a quartz crystal inside. So they collect and pull in, as long as they are near you, they're actually acting as a shield and they are kind of pulling in these EMF's and converting them into safer energies which the quartz crystal is programmed to.

Listen to the podcast to hear all the details and then tune in again in November when Angie has agreed to come back and share a lighter, more vibrant topic! Also, be sure to head over to Angie’s website and pick up a copy of the video she made called 7 Ways to Calm Yourself and Raise Your Frequency.

Angie also provided Parents for Safe Technology (.org) , a website that the concerned parent can go to for more information on this important topic.


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