How to Manifest the Reality you Want with Angelia LaRue

How to Manifest the Reality you Want with Angelia LaRue

Meet Today’s Guest

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Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist and Energy Practitioner, Healer, Psychic, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Surgeon, Ordained Minister, Manufacturer of Orgone Generators and has a small lab making Carbon 60 Oils.

Angie had a spontaneous awakening of consciousness on Dec 9th 2011 and her entire life radically altered after that. In time she learned that the onset of so many abilities was remembering which had been well used and developed over many lifetimes, including lives as a Crystal Acolyte, Priestess, Monk, Priest, Healer and other associated vocations. 

Through following the voice and nudges of her Higher Self and the Divine, she not only moved into her Life’s Purpose but has helped many others to do the same and get fired up about being alive on this planet.

How to Manifest the Reality you Want with Angelia LaRue

Have you ever walked into a store hoping that you will find a certain item on sale, the perfect blouse, expensive baby items (like formula and diapers) or a special shampoo, and it is?

Have you ever wished you could get a parking spot right up close to the appointment you are going to and even though the lot is crowded you find it?

Many of us think of these things as coincidences or synchronicity, but what if they are something more real than that…something that you actually have a hand in creating?

This week’s guest, Angelia (Angie) LaRue, is an expert on the topic of manifestation and she came on the show to teach us how to use this inherent skill that we all have so we can take things beyond synchronicity and into the realm of controlled possibility.

“Manifesting is attracting the people, the items, the situations and the opportunities into our life that we desire. It is how to use that wishful thought, that hope, that desire, that want, to align the energy and actually attract that to yourself.”

Our frequency, or the energy that we’re putting out into the world, is constantly attracting things back to us so it’s important we know how to get it working for us rather than against us.

“Non-attachment is really where we need to be in our psychological, emotional state. We have to be completely neutral – in a very surrendered place where we don’t really care, which can be a real challenge. We learn to do this by practicing.  We can actually practice how to become neutral or how to let go of any attachment to an outcome.”

Angie shared tips for how you can train yourself to do this by choosing something you have no strong attachment to having happen in the first place and being delighted at the outcome.

“For example, in the morning saying, “I want butterflies today!”  Then just keep a lookout for butterflies. Do they fly by…did one land on you…do you suddenly notice magazines with butterflies in it… maybe your friend is wearing a butterfly necklace or butterfly earrings?”

This practice is really to teach you how you feel when you manifest which allows you to recognize that frequency and get in that space more easily.

“We feel the feeling of delight, magic or enjoyment… whatever that emotion is that is attached to butterflies for us. When we feel that, as we put our wish out into the universe, our frequency attracts that frequency back to us. You want to do this from an internal feeling of amusement, but not with attachment. It’s like flirting with the Universe!”

Angie and I both went on to share examples of things we, or the people around us, have manifested including sales items, parking spaces, vehicles (in fact…an incredibly specific vehicle!), houses, jobs, juicers and even $30,000 to pay off a mortgage!

We are really learning the language of the Universe, Angie explained, and by practicing and playing with these things we train ourselves to release our expectations without compromising on our desires.

Listen to the show to hear all the fun ideas along with 3 simple tips to help you raise your frequency easily, because that alone will raise your frequency and start changing what the universe is sending your way.

Find out more about Angie by visiting her website at and sign up for a free 15 minute consultation. You can also check out Angie’s Youtube video – 7 Ways to Calm Yourself and Raise Your Energy here.

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