How to Get Into a Powerful Mindset

How to Get Into a Powerful Mindset

Have you ever been in a situation where you really need to be at your best yet whatever is going on has caused the opposite to happen?

Maybe it’s a meeting with a doctor to discuss a protocol for the diagnosis you’ve just received. Or maybe it’s meeting the school to create a plan in an effort to stop the bullying your child is experiencing.


Whatever the case, many of us end up in fight or flight mode trying to get results, but either blocking them or just quietly allowing the ‘experts’ in the room to walk all over us.

Anytime you are in a situation where you feel powerless even though the topic of the moment is you or your family…you are in need of a powerful mindset, and this episode of the Vibrant Powerful Moms Show is all about sharing that with you.

Tune in to the show for my 10 tips to help get you into a powerful mindset (done to the acronym SUPERVISOR) so you can practice it in all types of situations where you can use a bit more confidence.

Here’s a sample tip:

I = Identify your questions

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with questions, when your facing a challenging situation.

Let me share an idea for one way you might get your ideas flowing:

Remind yourself to be as open-minded as possible and if you've been practicing connecting with your natural guidance, this is a good time to call in your higher self and open your heart.

Find a quiet space so that you can go inwards…shut out the outside noise and see what questions arise. Leave your phone in a different room if you can or put it in ‘do not disturb’.

You want to do something that helps your controlling mind to shut off and allows you to tune in to your inner wisdom. Take deep breaths, focus on the tension leaving your body, walk in a labyrinth, envision a blank screen, think thoughts like: relax, I am calm…whatever it takes to shut down the chatter in your head.

You might like to have a paper and pen nearby to jot down ideas as they arise or some kind of recording device.

When you feel quiet ask something like, "What questions do I most need answered today?" or "What information is most important for me to share with the (doctor, teacher, lawyer…)?"

And then, just quietly wait. Don't shift into your thinking brain and try to answer the question… simply wait and see what comes up…do not judge whatever arises and don't worry if you think you are making it up – lots of people feel that way. If you stay relaxed and aren't actively trying to think of things, you can trust that whatever you receive is divinely guided.

Write down or record whatever you receive without getting into it…ask questions if you need something clarified, but make sure you don't switch out of your heart and into your head.

When you feel complete, say thank you and look at what you have written down. Then, if necessary, flesh things out.

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