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Imagine feeling confident and sure about WHO you are and WHAT you’re here to do in life. What would that mean to you?

What if you could wake up each day with a sense of wonder and excitement about what lies ahead? Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can handle whatever life throws your way and having the confidence to not just stand up for yourself when you are wronged, but to boldly explore this new way of being!


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Often it is the simple, little things you do every day that will have the greatest influence on your overall life experience. Your host, Debbie Pokornik, will share thoughts, tips and stories from her own life to help you become aware of things you might be doing to hold yourself back as well as to inspire and guide you to create a life you love. 

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“I really enjoyed Debbie’s enthusiasm, humor and her ability to tie real-life events to her discussion points and delivery. It made it much easier to relate my own life experiences to her message. I think the practical exercises will be very useful to me. I used one on the second day of our conference when I was feeling some stress before making a presentation and I did her breathing exercise – I actually did feel a bit of a shift in my state of mind.”

Holly Troop - Extension Coordinator