Tuning Back Into Spiritual Assignments

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A reoccurring guest:

Clementina Marie Giovannetti

was born with an extraordinary gift of sight and profound wisdom regarding all spiritual matters. She is a National Best-Selling Author, an acknowledged authority on Dream Interpretation, an Intuitive, a Spiritual Maverick, Spiritual Mentor, Gifted Healer and TV HOST of Spiritual Wisdom TV.  For nearly 40 years, Clementina, has graced the airways nationwide sharing her extraordinary gifts and insights. She is the author of Jesus And A Roman Centurion: A Past Life Memoir, The Best-Selling Guide to Spiritual Interpretations of Your Dreams, as well as Miracles and a Prophetic Message from an Angel.   www.spiritualwisdomtv.com

Last week I interviewed the wise and spiritually awakened Clementina Marie Giovannetti, to her incredible story, Jesus And A Roman Centurion: A Past Life Memoir. If you didn't hear that interview and/or see the blog, then you might want to check it out first in order to become familiar with Clementina's story.

Clementina was born with an extraordinary gift of sight and profound wisdom regarding all spiritual matters and from a very early age was able to leave her body during dreamtime and go surfing around the astro-planes.

"At a very young age (3-4 years old) after I incarnated, thank God I quickly discovered that once asleep I was able to gently slip out of my body and float up to the ceiling. When it first happened I was like, There's two of me? Because I could look down and see my little kid body in her pajamas with her Teddy Bear, sound asleep and there's this other me that was kind of light and ghost like – like an energetic kind of body.

Well, where do I go now, I wondered, because I'm already up to the ceiling? The next thing I know I find myself, in what I now refer to as the astral-planes…multi-dimensions of existence where souls can exist and express themselves and learn and grow without a human form. Some people might refer to it as Heaven and that's perfectly fine too. So that was the beginning.”

It turns out that it was just as easy for Clementina to get back into her body as it was to leave it and that marked the beginning of a regular occurrence for her.

"As we talked about on the previous show, I didn't exactly have a user-friendly childhood – so although I was a kid who didn't conform and obey to pretty much 99 percent of anything anybody told me as a child in this lifetime, when mom and dad said, "go to bed" I didn't argue.

Because I knew, now at such a young age that I could just leave the matrix, leave the artificial reality, leave the illusions and all the insanity and I could go someplace else, where basically I could meet more friendly people."

Clementina was only 5 years old when she had an out-of-body, astral projection experience and angelic encounter, but to her it was perfectly normal.

"One night, when I was just beginning to fall asleep, I heard what I refer to as an Angelic voice in the book, call upon me and tell me to follow her. And so I did…"

Listen to the podcast to hear how Clementina's story unfolds…because my writing about it can't give it the justice it deserves.

Here are some of things you'll hear about:

  • her first spiritual assignment & her parents reaction to it
  • what needs to be in place for you to be given assignments like this
  • why you can't remember this very important part of yourself
  • how to best work with your child to ensure you are helping them stay connected to their spiritual awareness
  • what you can do to start reconnecting with your spiritual self
  • the main thing keeping people from reconnecting

Here are a few of the highlights that I simply must share, but be sure to check out the show…it's out of this world!

My mom's response to me sharing my first angelic encounter:"I'm going to take her to the Roman Catholic Priest to get her exorcised because she's definitely possessed by the devil."

The most important message that I can give to your audience is that, You are not your body! You are a soul and you have lived many, many, many, many lifetimes. There is no death, death is a myth.

The most important thing that all moms – all parents – have got to remember is that your child too, is in fact a soul who has lived many, many, many times before and may even be more evolved, more spiritually advanced than you are.

The child is not programmed yet humanistically, but the parent unfortunately is. The parent might have been disconnected or fallen spiritually asleep along the way – allow your child to awaken you again.

It really should be a partnership and instead of looking at the 4 or 5 year old body – look into the eyes of your child and see the soul. Your child may in fact be your teacher in this lifetime – or may be your healer here to awaken you so you can remember again who you are.

The child has such ability to reawaken that mother or father because again that child has just come into form so they are not spiritually disconnected – it's just amazing, they are fully aware of their spiritual self and their spirituality.

What I'm able to do, what these children are able to do is natural, this is our natural abilities, but unfortunately as people evolve into human form they get more and more invested into the artificial man-made reality and they sever themselves from their soul consciousness, and completely forget who and what they are.

Clementina helps parents understand their children better when these extraordinary conversations come up and can also work with you over the phone to uncover your spiritual (dis)connection. Visit her website spiritualwisdomtv.com and click the tab that says sessions.

If you haven't already, while there you might also pick up one of her highly attuned books:

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