Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Genius with Norma Hollis

Secrets to Unlocking Your Child’s Genius with Norma Hollis

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Norma Hollis is an advocate for children’s spirituality. A former director of early childhood programs, Norma is now an Authenticity Expert. In this role she uses her knowledge and experiences to help parents live an authentic life and raise authentic children. The secret lies in recognizing, developing and using natural gifts and talents which Norma refers to as wisdom gifts.

"Are you happy with the way the world is today?"

This is the provocative question Norma started our conversation off with before pointing out that if we want to make significant changes to the way our society is right now, we need to focus our energy on our future – specifically our children.

"How do we help our children live an authentic life so that they can be empowered, connected and strive to make positive change without apology?"

When you really think about this question and the thought preceding it, you can't help but notice that parents hold a lot more power than they might have originally recognized.

Norma went on to share how children are changing. She introduced the idea of the homo-luminous child instead of the homosapien that we are currently familiar with. She talked about structural changes to some children's faces that you can actually notice once you are aware. These changes indicate a heightened intuitive ability along with a deeper connection to the spiritual plane.

It is not uncommon for us to talk about being born with a purpose, but according to Norma, what seems to be changing now,  is our awareness that young children can often remember the contract they have come here to fulfill!  It's not unusual for kids under 5 to talk about, 'when they were here before,' or to say things about what they are going to do that seem quite out in left field, when in actuality they are sharing an insight about their purpose.

Norma suggested a wonderful exercise for parents of young children to do so that when your kids reach that tween or teen stage and are wondering 'what they should be when they grow up' you can use what you have learned to help them stay aligned with their purpose.

Once our kids enter the school system their connection with their authentic self is often obscured beyond recognition – meaning it could take years for them to reconnect and start living the life they have come here to live.

There is so much we don't know, like for example the real influence a past life can have on our current one, and unfortunately our institutions of higher learning only serve to limit our thinking, rather than encourage us to open our minds and investigate further.

This episode of Vibrant, Powerful Moms encourages you to expand your thinking and open your mind to what's truly authentic living.

Norma shared the 9 Wisdom Gifts (based on original work from Dr. Howard Gardner), and explained how a parent could use this information to help their child really connect with their authentic self and nurture that very important connection. Even parents will benefit from identifying their top 3 gifts and ensuring they are using these qualities on a regular basis – if not at work then at least in their leisure time. This will result in increased happiness and abundance for both parent and child.

Unfortunately we have been taught to chase the money tree and to choose our work based on the income it might provide, rather than focus on what truly brings us pleasure. Even worse, we have internalized this message so deeply we are willing to thwart our own children's natural leanings and instead steer them towards what we think would qualify as success. This can result in your child rejecting who they really are and living an unhappy or dissatisfying life.

"Embracing your true wisdom gifts and allowing them to flourish and fill you up, will help you live authentically and therefore happily."

Notice which three of these 9 wisdom gifts your child (and you) gravitate towards the most and do your best to allow full expression of these gifts at some point every day. You will still need to set structure and boundaries for your child – i.e. just because he loves to sing doesn't mean he should belt out his favorite tune in the middle of the library – but when you can organize regular opportunities for him to let loose…everyone will benefit.

"When you know who you are you can be truly prepared for whatever it is you came here to do"

Tune into our show to hear the words of wisdom that Norma shared; learn the 9 wisdom gifts; why our current schools can't prepare your child for their future job; and enjoy a few inspiring stories (Olympics…really?).

You'll be glad you did …I'm certain of it!

Resources Norma mentioned:

Book: Children's Past Lives Carol Bowman

Dr. Howard Gardner: Multiple Gifts of Intelligence

Check out (coaching) and for more information on raising authentic children

Your Special Gift– Take the complimentary authenticity assessment (30 questions on-line). Choose parenting, when asked and you'll receive information to help you understand yourself and your child better as well as more details on the 9 dimensions of authenticity!

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