Are You A Vibrant, Powerful Mom?

This podcast is different from the rest, because it’s meant to answer some of your questions about who I am, what my vision is for these podcasts, and what I mean when I say Vibrant, Powerful Moms.

You don't necessarily need to listen to this podcast first, in fact you might want to check out some of other recordings – see if you enjoy my message and style and then, if you're planning to stick with me, come back and give it a listen, because I do share some important information. On the other hand, if you're a curious person by nature and want to know a bit about what makes me tick before moving on – that's fine too.

What do I mean by Vibrant, Powerful Moms?

To me a Vibrant Powerful Mom (VPM) is a woman who feels a pull to live a fully engaged life. In other words, she doesn't want to settle for 'just okay' …she refuses to settle for unhappy or uninspiring or numbing out in life – she is willing to learn what she can, practice what feels right and take full responsibility for living her life fully awake.

My target is moms mostly because that's where my journey of self discovery really began. I knew I wanted to be the best mom I could be and I also knew I didn't have the skills or knowledge to be able to do that. My kids have pushed me to learn so much about myself and I want to share that side of me with you. As well, I'll tell you a bit more about me in a few minutes, but my background is in social work and one of my first areas of exploration in that discipline was in parenting.

As a result I will dedicate these podcasts to parents, but please be aware a VPM requires information way beyond parenting tools and techniques and into the realms of conscious living.

So… your kids might be grown up; they might be step-kids; you might be a mom to a p48092345_mlet; your business might be your baby; you might work with other people's kids like a teacher/daycare worker or coach. You might even be a man who wants to understand and support the women in your life; or maybe you simply find the content appealing. Whatever the reason, it's no accident you are here and if the title VPM doesn't exactly fit who you are, you are still very welcome into this community.

In line with this I will share most of my ideas from the viewpoint of a mom…but I will also do my best to point out how these skills apply to other areas of your life…because the truth is everything we learn as a parent, is applicable to other relationships as well. So your reason for listening to VPM can really be as unique as you are!

Besides parenting, I will be talking about awakening your inner goddess; reconnecting with your natural guidance system; hormone happiness; natural health tools and techniques; relationship building; gender differences; masculine and feminine energies (which is actually different from the gender discussion); communication skills; perspective shifting and so much more.

At some point I will start throwing in a few interviews – I've already had some really wonderful people offer to be on my podcast – so I think I owe it to you to take them up on it, but I'm holding off on that for a bit, until I become comfortable with being the host. I also might discuss some of the outstanding books I read – similar to a book review; except hopefully you'll find it interesting and fun - and then you can decide if you want to pick up that book and get more info.

Because I really believe in the power of groups getting together – especially small groups of like minded women – I also envision encouraging you to create podcast clubs (book clubs), only in this case they would be listening to and discussing the content of these podcasts. As a result, I plan to create 'discussion topics' for those who would like guidance in doing something like this.

That's my plan for these podcasts. You should know that I am very open to suggestions from you – after all you are the reason I'm doing this – and I'm also tuned into guidance from the Universe…so I hold tight to my prerogative to follow that beautiful, creative, feminine energy in whatever direction it flows – even if it means changing my plan.

A bit about Debbie...

Okay…so now is where I feel I should share a bit about my story. Here's the challenge with that…at this point in my life I'm 49 years old. I've experienced a lot of interesting ups and downs in all those years, so ferreting out what to share with you here is a little bit difficult. But here are a few highlights:

VPM podcast evergreenFirst and by far the most important thing to me…I have two kids who are now young adults.

The oldest, Wil, ended up getting suspended from school twice about 2 weeks apart when he was in grade 11. One of those situations involved him and several of his friends smoking up on their spare. This opened the door to an honest discussion about marijuana – which I had a very closed mind about – forcing me to really look at my own judgments, hang-ups and fear of social embarrassment (remember I am a parent educator – so the idea of my son using an illegal substance really bothered me).

Lots of learning took place during this time which has helped my relationship with him grow and awakened me to new perspectives.

My younger child is the daughter I speak of in nearly every chapter of my book Break Free of Parenting Pressures. Recently, he came out and told us he is a transboy. I am super proud of him for refusing to settle and for insisting, with full awareness of how difficult a journey this will be for him, that he lead an authentic life. Sharing this feels very vulnerable for me, since it is happening right now, but I feel I must share it because I will refer to him as Liam sometimes and Lallie at others… and that could get confusing for you if you don't know the background. I also sense that there may be many parents out there that will benefit from my sharing and normalizing this experience.

My husband and I have been married for 24 years this August, he is my soulmate, he is also my exact opposite. He loves adrenaline producing adventure – motorcycles; snowmobiles; airplanes; while I love taking off my shoes and walking barefoot in the grass. He's all about doing where I'm all about being. Somehow it works though. We enjoy spending time together; we challenge each other to grow; we support each other and, although it isn't always obvious at the time, I think we really do bring out the best in each other.

35fb29ec58393b5c787ae608_1920Education wise, I have two University degrees (despite hating high school and publicly announcing I would never, ever, take any secondary education). Once I started learning how to stand in my power (which actually began when I nearly got fired from my first real career job), and refusing to live my life on autopilot, I got this really strong urge to leave the career I had begun and see if the University would accept me. Turns out once you've been out of school for about 5 years, you can apply as a mature student and then you just have to prove yourself the first year by getting a minimum "c" average. I did, and actually really enjoyed expanding my horizons. In the end I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major and a Bachelor of Social Work.

I've also been trained in many parenting programs – like Triple P – Positive parenting Program; How to Talk so Kids will Listen; Siblings without Rivalry; Development Capable People and Systematic Training for Effective parenting. I've created bully awareness programs and been trained as a trainer for social responsibility programs  (which means I took their training and then turned around and trained schools in how to use them).

I worked for several years as a prevention social worker before feeling that same push to do something different. I wrote my first award winning book; Break Free of Parenting Pressures, started my business Empowering NRG and a couple years later wrote my bestseller Standing in Your Power which has become the basis for most of my talks, workshops and retreats. I also created this awesome deck of cards called Family Booster Shots which helps parents ensure their family time is quality time. These cards won Mom's Choice, Academics Choice and Parent-Tested, Parent-Approved Awards… so it's not just me who thinks they're awesome.

Now I'm a speaker, trainer, author, truth seeker, psychic wannabe and on occasion have even done some channeling.

Along the way I've dealt with some major health issues, had to overcome really powerful limiting beliefs, survived a flood, struggled with several concussions, and even experienced a great fall – much like Humpty Dumpty. I will be sharing many of these stories in my podcasts so if you're intrigued be sure to stay tuned.

So that is who I am and what I am planning for these VPM podcasts. If you feel a connection then I hope you will subscribe, continue to listen (or in this case read), write a review and send me any questions or suggestions for future topics.

With much respect for you and the journey you are on… I wish you a Vibrant and Powerful Day.

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