The top 3 secrets moms need to know for more money with Luci McMonagle

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Meet Today's Guest:

Luci McMonagle

Once having to choose to eat crackers to feed her son and keep a roof over their head, Luci McMonagle understands the choices that some moms have to make. She struggled for over 18 months. Finally, she was able to break free and transformed her poverty stricken life that as filled with tragedy into a life of abundance, wealth and joy. Despite all odds Luci has risen to become a highly sought after Miracles and Magic Abundance Coach, Author and Speaker that hosts the renowned Wealthy Wednesday Show.

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Money is such a sensitive topic for most of us, fraught with limited beliefs, social mores and judgment. In this episode of Vibrant, Powerful Moms, Luci guides us in setting the stage so that money can flow to us easily and in abundance.

Making friends with money is the first secret, Luci explained, even when you have a very busy and hectic life. It's so common for women to notice when they don't have enough money, without really giving the time and energy to understanding how their money is flowing. If you want more of it, you have to open yourself up to see how it is coming and going in your life.

Secret two, says Luci, is to get stress under control. Too much stress blocks abundance from flowing your way! You simply must have tools to calm and center yourself on a regular basis. These don't have to be fancy or complicated – deep breathing can have a positive effect. What's important is that you actually use them!

Here's a tip that Luci shared to help moms deal with not having enough time in the day:

Join your thumb and pointer finger (or any other finger that feels comfortable) while at the same time putting the tip of your tongue on the mound right behind your front teeth.  Breath in deeply through your nose 3 times, holding after the inhale, then exhaling everything out still through the nose.

As you breathe, think – Focused, Balanced, Centered – and see these feelings flowing through you all the way to your toes. On the exhale, release anything that doesn't align with those 3 words.

This simple task actually slows down time – which means you'll feel calmer, less stressed and find yourself with more time to get things done.

Luci shared her thoughts on intuition and what we can do to reconnect with this important messenger. She touched on meditation and provided simple ways every one of us can bring some of this important quieting of the mind into our daily life.

She even provided a tool to help clear traffic so that you can make it to your destination safely and in perfect timing when late for something!

"Amazingly lights will change, cars will get out of your way and your drive will go as smoothly and as safely as possible. Sometimes, even though you still arrive late, you'll get there to find the people you were rushing towards aren't quite ready for you so you truly are right on time."

The 3rd secret to attracting abundance with ease centers around getting into the flow of life.  You are moving towards having a life filled with abundance, joy and happiness when you use your tools to decrease stress, reconnect with your intuition and calm your mind in your everyday life.

Luci shared ample tips for doing all of these things, so listen to the podcast to get all the goods…you will be abundantly grateful you did!

One final note… Luci closed by sharing a wonderful and surprising gift for moms so that they can enjoy crafting and attracting abundance with their kids.  Be sure to check it out!

Resources mentioned by Luci:

Book: Magical Money Manifestation – blog;

Check out the Wealthy Wednesday show – podcast and youtube videos

Pick up your Wealthy Bohemian Money Pouch instruction here and start attracting abundance today!

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