Secrets to Being a Vibrant Woman

Today I want to talk about some secrets to being a vibrant woman.


Being a vibrant woman is not always easy. It requires you to be proactive, to take the lead in your life and to live mindfully. Vibrancy is more than a healthy body (although the two are closely connected). It also requires you to be self-aware, to be willing to listen to what your body is telling you and to tune-in to the many messages coming your way from a higher power.

This might sound overwhelming and even a little bit scary, but in truth it is simply about living your life in the driver's seat and ensuring that you are controlling what you can, accepting what you can't and using your wisdom to know the difference – perhaps you've heard this before (it is the Serenity Prayer after all)?

Secret #1: Take full advantage of the moment

This is not a new idea at least not for several years now, yet it is still something most of us struggle with.

When you're using a moment to recharge yourself, you want to awaken all of your senses…go off auto-pilot…quiet your mind…and be firmly grounded in your body.

This, is not always easy to do.

So let me share an example of how I might do this.  I love green tea so when I sit down with a freshly brewed cup of tea I will often take a moment and empty my mind of all else. I'll breathe in the smell of the tea, feel the warmth of the mug in my hand, gaze at the colour, taste the full flavour (run it over my whole tongue), even tap my ring against the side of the mug (for some reason I really like that sound). I'll visualize a chord going from my tailbone down deep into the earth and anchoring me there.

If possible I'll even take this a step further. Because I love the sun and the feel of grass beneath my feet, I might take my cup of tea outside, stand on the grass, close my eyes and soak in the sun's rays. While I'm doing this, I hear the birds, the breeze in the trees, feel the grass under my feet, smell the earth, tea and grass…

I call this: In the Moment…for a Moment…and the more moments like this I create in a day the more vibrant I feel.

Now, in my opinion it would be impossible to always tune in to everything. In fact, while recording this podcast, to take full advantage of the moment, I purposely tune out other things in my environment. My eyes flit from my notes, to the time, to a window which I stare out without seeing because I'm deep into what I want to share with you.

Unless my dogs bark or a phone rings, I'm pretty much oblivious to the sounds in my room, except for anything I hear through my headset.

My point is, sometimes to really be in the moment, you need to focus in fully on what you are doing, without distracting yourself unnecessarily.

So the key pieces to taking full advantage of the moment:

Know what you need to be successful and focus in on that, remove distractions and quiet your mind of any extraneous life draining things – like worry, angst about an upcoming event, your to-do list/overwhelm… these things you can do nothing about in the moment – so use your power to help you make things happen in the here and now.

When it comes to living a vibrant life, tune in to your senses as often as you can, consciously shift off autopilot several times a day (especially when those little pleasurable moments arise), quiet your mind of all the chatter and do what you need to do to get fully grounded in your body.

When you put your total focus on the moment itself, you will get more done, do better work, feel more connected to the person you are spending time with and let your radiant self shine through.

Secret #2: Learn how to release stress and rejuvenate yourself on the go

Stress has become a big deal for most of us. So many people are experiencing major health issues, burnout and break-downs from stress. It affects how we parent, how well we communicate and our ability to perform.

However, stress also motivates you to get things done. It lets you know when you are taking on too much and it can help you out when extra stamina is required.

Stress arises every time you try something new, including a new job, moving, holidays, trips, pregnancy, trying a sport or learning a new computer game.

Stress is so closely connected with every aspect of your life it makes sense that you learn how to live with it rather than eliminate it altogether.

The problem is, you may not know how to tune-in to your stress level and listen to what it has to say.

For example, you might be stressed because of a deadline at work. You know this is stressful for you, but you also enjoy your job and recognize this as part and parcel of what you signed up for.

Now let's say you get a call from the school that your child's eye is looking pink and you must come and take him to the doctor to make sure it is not the dreaded and very contagious pink-eye.

Suddenly you are far more stressed. You are not really concerned about the pink-eye, because he seemed healthy enough this morning, but you are very concerned about your deadline and the fact that you now have to create a plan to deal with this situation. Maybe you'll even have to leave work and find a walk-in that will see your child…which means you might spend half the afternoon in a waiting room!

Not to mention, the school has somehow made you feel dirty – by suggesting your child is contagious. You suddenly realize your child is probably super anxious, because he hates being singled out in any situation… and what if you're wrong and he really is sick…what kind of parent, ignores their child's puffy red eye just because they are busy at work?

Can you see how stress, when you are already stressed, tends to create excess worry? How the mind takes over and starts you second guessing yourself?

The call from the school on its own might not have been a big deal, but when added in with the rest of your circumstance and a run-away brain…trouble arises.

In the handout above, I tell you how to use an elastic to help you understand your stress level, find your sweet spot and how to keep the two in check.

The simple answer to dealing with stress is to become aware of how much stress you are dealing with, learn where your sweet spot is (the amount of stress that motivates you without hurting your health), and then learn a variety of great tools to help decrease the negative effects when your numbers starts to rise.

Here's some tool examples: Deep breathing; a daily ounce of dark chocolate (it burns off cortisol – really!); vitamin C also burns off cortisol; mindfulness; meditation; yoga; walking barefoot on the grass; petting your dog, cat, ferret…; time with friends; quality hugs; laughter.

Become aware of how stress feels in your body – where you feel tension; how far your patience level drops – so you can take action and spend more time in the sweet spot.

For the other 3 secrets listen to the podcast and/or pick up the complimentary report offered in our banner. Enjoy!

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