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Nancy McNaughton

Empowering others to live their ultimate life, is the core of Nancy’s career success. She has developed programs and services that have helped hundreds of women and men to release emotional toxins and connect with their desired life and career a mother, grandmother and wife. She is the founder and director of Opening Doors to Success Inc. and Dreality Coaching Services.

Nancy has personally overcome a diagnosis of “incurable clinical depression”. She has been “med free” for 30 years. Her acquired tools and strategies to her recovery are the foundation of how she empowers herself as a powerful leader and vibrant joyful lover of life!

She believes it is her mission in life to share this with others!

One of my beliefs about life is that it's the little things we do on a regular basis that often have the greatest influence on the existence we are creating - Who we are, the types of relationships we have, how great we feel… and so on.

To close off Mother's Day Marathon Month , I interviewed my friend and colleague, Nancy McNaughton. Nancy overcame a  diagnosis of incurable clinical depression  by tuning into the little things she was doing that were getting in the way of her creating a life she could love and changing them to truly support her.

She shared her story with us about learning not to run from fear or pain and how she decided to meet them head on instead.

I'm really just an over-comer of fear. I realized that I'm going to experience fear and that's okay. At that time I thought fear was a problem and would try to avoid it. I had to learn to embrace the fear and look at what it was about rather than running from it.

From this experience, Nancy created an A-Z of emotional wellness nutrients which provide wisdom you can implement in your life right away to get unstuck and open to a deeper sense of joy and freedom.

For fun during our conversation, we focused on the letters that spell the word VIBRANT and were pleasantly surprised at how nicely these nutrients flowed with each other.

Tune into the podcast to hear all the sage advice shared as we discussed each of Nancy's tips. Below are a few of the highlights for each of the letters.

V stands for Vulnerability; it's scary to allow yourself to be vulnerable. To truly open up and allow other people to know what you are thinking and feeling. But if you're not vulnerable it's like you are hiding from the world.  Embracing who you are and allowing those pieces to show is very freeing and gives permission to others to be 'real' as well.

Tip:  Experiment with this idea. Find a moment where you have the opportunity to be vulnerable, then open up and share what's really going on for you. Notice what it does for you and the relationship you have with that person.

I is about being Inquisitive; being curious, not expecting to have all the answers but having a sense of wonder about life and people.  It's a key to being vibrant, because it allows you to shift from control to seeing things objectively.

Tip: Rather than trying to project a certain image to impress others, try shifting into a more authentically inquisitive state of mind.

B is for Boundaries; sometimes, in your effort to look after others, you might forget to think about what it is that you need most. This is true for relationships, the food you eat, how much you work… everything.

Tip:  Become clear on what your boundaries are and experiment with enforcing one. See how it feels and then adjust or discard as needed.

R is about Relaxation; we all experience so much stress, it's worth it to find positive ways to deal with negative situations and people. It's also great to take the time throughout your day to just tune in and relax.

Tip: recognize when you need to relax and do something to make it happen. Tuning in to the tension in your body is a good place to start.

A stands for Acceptance; it's very important to accept how you feel, who you are, what you need, and where you might want to grow…

Tip: Notice what's going on and rather than judge or jump right into fixing, take a moment to accept that this is where you are at. You might still decide to change things, but first you must accept where you are starting from.

N is for Non-conforming; how can you be vibrant if you conform to everyone else and what they think you should be doing or how you should act?

Tip: Ask yourself… is what I'm doing/who I'm being really heartfelt? Am I doing this to conform to someone else's suggestion? Is this who I want to be (or what I want to be doing)?

T is Trust; trust the process, trust yourself, trust yourself to trust others…

Tip:  make a decision and trust that it is the right one… you learn and grow from every decision you make, so allow that knowledge to strengthen rather than scare you.

Listen to the podcast for all the juicy tidbits and find out more about Nancy by going to her website While you're there you can leave her a message to receive a free discovery call along with an emotional fitness assessment.

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