Recovering Your Sense of Self in Motherhood and Beyond with Franziska Stahmann

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Meet today's guest:

 Franziska Stahmann


has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to travel, natural living and self development. On her path to self-discovery she spent many days at silence retreats in Europe, Asia and Australia, learned Reiki, developed a strong meditation practice and even created her own brand of flower essences! Now she's ready to share what she has learned with others – moms especially – and help them remember how to put themselves first so that they can live a fulfilling and inspired life whatever their situation.

"When my daughter was born it was a really busy time for me and adjusting to being a mother was difficult. I thought I needed to be the best mom possible so I gave and gave and gave…until eventually I started to burn out and become depressed."

Talking with Franziska was like conversing with a good friend over a nice cup of tea.  Franziska shared how she nearly lost herself when she became a parent and what she did to get herself back on solid ground.

On the topic of self-care…

For me, it is important that I continuously take time to myself to do things that I enjoy. We give so much of our time to our partners, our children and to the constant activities that come with that. So when my energy feels like it is getting low I need to step out of that mama zone and find something that inspires me and gives me peace of mind. Some of my favorites are dancing and going for walks out in nature, because that recharges me instantly.

When a mom is feeling disconnected from her sense of happiness, experiencing frustration or other emotional upheavals, Franziska helps them to take stock of what's going on and figure out what they can do to get back on track.

I might ask, "Mom, what's happening in your life right now…what is the continuous thing that shows up in your thoughts or your physical life that you are feeling unhappy or frustrated about?"  Generally that is where the answer lies…and once you have identified that then you can start to figure out what changes or adjustments need to take place to rebalance things.

"Listen to your intuition and ask what it is saying to you. Deeply trust… we are all deeply connected to our intuition yet we often choose to ignore it."

She also pointed out that it's so much more work to fix things when you go all the way to burnout before tuning in that something is wrong.  She reminded us that the Universe gives you nudges as you are heading into this place of exhaustion and if you can tune into those messages and start making changes earlier you will have a much easier time.

We talked about the power of nature as well as natural living and Franziska shared tips on how we can easily bring these super powers into our lives.

Natural living, for me, means having a healthy diet that includes a lot of fresh food rather than processed things.  It involves regular exercise – something that keeps your body healthy and strong. It's also about bringing practices into your life like meditation, yoga or dance - anything you deeply connect with and that inspires you as well as gives you a charge of energy.

This is also where flower essences come in as well as using nature to help you recharge and heal.

We really need to contemplate on nature and look at what it provides for us. It gives us the air to breath, to grow our food and even a place to live. Everything we need we can find in nature whether it be relaxation, an herb or a flower that might help us.

As we moved on into relationships, Franziska shared how giving your power away to others can rob you of ever finding true happiness for yourself.

I didn't learn from an early age what a healthy relationship looked like… so I found myself looking to the person I was in relationship with to fulfill me.  I often found myself in a situation where I wanted to change the other person to fit my needs.

The biggest realization for me was figuring out that I must take responsibility for my own happiness and make the changes that I feel are needed, to myself first.

Franziska shared many more tips on being assertive, setting boundaries, quieting anxiety, making room for new relationships and so much more. So go, get yourself a cup of tea (or your beverage of choice) and give it a listen.

Check out Franziska's website at and pick up your complimentary copy of 5 Steps to support yourself in making inspired change

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