Reconnecting with Your Secret Power

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Original posted as: Taking Back Your Power [October 2016]

On my last two shows I shared some of my deeper (often more hidden) thoughts about living an awakened and therefore more vibrant and powerful life.

I know some of the things I'm sharing are a little out there for some of you, but it seems to me that we need to start talking about these things more – which is why I felt so drawn to connect with Transformation Talk Radio – because they get this and a lot of their shows are willing to go there.

"You can't plant seeds if you don't ever take them out of their package," is the thought that pops into my head when I talk about this… and I'm letting this idea guide me.

So today, I'm going to share a bit more on this topic of awakening and give you a 3 step process of how you can reconnect with your secret power.

First though, I feel I need to address the question of Why Awaken Now – so that if you're uncomfortable with the idea of rocking the boat, you might understand why it's important we all do our part anyway.

Just for the record – I never would have described myself as a 'boat rocker' when I was younger. My personality is the peaceful amiable and to top that off I'm a Libra, so I'm all about harmony and helping people get along…and yet here I am, as Shirley McLean would say, out on a limb, sharing information and guidance to help people wake up and start rocking.

Where our world is at…

You likely heard about the shift in 2012 when the Mayan calendar ended and nobody seemed to know for sure why. A movie was made about it being the end of the world and all kinds of theories were put out there about why this was happening - everything from the Mayans simply feeling the calendar had to end somewhere to a zombie apocalypse.

What I really tuned into though was people like Greg Brayden who were talking about the amazing energies occurring at this time which suggested it was a sort of tipping point for humans where people can either wake up and start to remember their real reason for being…or they can allow their ego and the density (or heavy energy around them) to keep them disconnected and head into a very dark age.

December 2012 came and went and while it wasn't a big deal in the news amazing things did happen. People started waking up. Women especially started stepping out of the shadows and refusing to settle for a mediocre life. If you doubt this do some searches on books, TED talks, reclaiming the feminine – summits, retreats, healing, and so on.  Not all of these women released their works or started their programs after 2012, but the number of women interested in this work and really feeling pulled to change things in their life has risen substantially.

I, myself had experienced a pretty intense accident in 2010 and for the next two years found I was opening up and receiving information like I never had before.

In November 2012 I released my book, Standing in Your Power which was based on the blogs I had written while I was healing from a major concussion and whiplash …some of them on topics I'd never even looked into before.

My sources tell me, this time span (2010 – 2014 ish) was thought of as the awakening of the lightworkers…people who had agreed to help guide others in this lifetime to awaken and live their passion. Some were awakened through major health scares, others through accidents and still others through miraculous moments (a visit from an angel). Many started to feel an intense unhappiness with their current life situation – especially work – resulting in thousands (maybe more) leaving their jobs to pursue a life in a different venue (like entrepreneurship). This was a big surprise to them and their loved ones since they had worked so hard and achieved success in a male dominated work environment only to now completely shift gears.

Tipping Point Take 2

Going back to Greg Brayden's comment that humans have reached a tipping point…I remember a couple of years ago I tuned into a summit with guests who channeled some very strong entities. It was the start of the year (likely 2013) and although they weren't doing predictions, they were sharing information about where we were headed if things did not change. One of the women was said to channel Mother Gaia herself – which we know as mother earth – and while I'm not very familiar with this particular channeler, the words she shared definitely struck a chord with me.

Before I tell you what she said let me take a moment and address the idea of a person channeling an energy from another dimension. For many of you this will not be a new topic…but if you are unfamiliar with this idea being real, then I recognize it could be hard to accept without some sort of explanation. 

When I say the word channel – if you're not familiar – it's very possible you're only experience of it is with television and movies…where the person seems to be momentarily possessed and their voice changes, their eyes roll back and when all is said and done they don't have any memory of what happened. This has not been my experience at all.

The channelers I'm familiar with; tend to hear messages, some feel a strong urge to write, draw or paint, while others feel a certain knowing or kind of see the message in pictures. A medium I saw last year could even smell and taste certain things when messages came through.  In every case, they don't have to consciously think about what to say. In fact if they did they would block the message… so they are still fully aware - kind of like the 3rd person in a conversation where the other two are doing all the talking.

For example, if you are familiar with Ester Hicks who channels an entity called Abraham and markets her sessions as Abraham-Hicks, it sounds like Esther talking – she has a certain tone of voice, way of speaking and choice of words that is consistently there when she channels Abraham, but she, Esther, is still present and listening/interpreting the whole time she is sharing the information. 

Because she has been doing this so long and does it so often, I'm sure Abraham is with her more than not, but she could still at any time tell it to go and it would have to listen. In other words while Esther is allowing these words to flow through her, she is still in charge of what she allows to flow. Thankfully she trusts Abraham and you can tell by the amazing things that come out of her mouth she does not censor, make things up or hold back.

This is my more common experience with channelers. Often their voice changes slightly, although lately I've heard some who channel many different entities and sound unique with each one; sometimes they talk in a totally foreign language; or talk in very clipped words and so on. Some will go into the channeling state and not come out until the conversation is over and others will jump back and forth between the entity they are channeling and themselves. In every case though, they are aware and involved in the sharing of information.

In case you're thinking this provides a channeler with too much leeway to deceive I'd like you to think about what's happening when you read a non-fiction book. Although research and references might provide some 'proof of truth', we all know that data can be massaged, misinterpreted, and even misunderstood.

So when you read a non-fiction book you are simply trusting that the author is being honest and sharing what they believe to be true in that moment in time. For example, if you've read Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic…one of the things she talks about is ideas bouncing around out there in the ether looking for someone to connect with.  She believes that if they choose you, you'll be struck with this great idea…and if you don't act on it the idea will shoot off to find another host. She has no proof of this, but she gives a very convincing argument as to why we should believe it.

Because Liz awakened a curiosity and built trust with many of us with her previous works– Eat, Pray Love (NOT the movie; but the book) – we are willing to read these much bigger, wilder thoughts and suspend our need for proof.

This is not that different from listening to a channeler speak except that they are speaking what comes through them and trusting it will make some sort of sense the first time round, whereas an author has more time and an Editor to help ensure their words at least read well.

If you're struggling with the idea of this information coming through a channeler, try to let that go and just hear the words…as if they were from a book, a speaker, a documentary…or some other source of information that you are willing to hear, if not trust.

Okay…so back to Mother Gaia; In a nutshell what I heard her say was that humans cannot ruin the earth – nothing is happening that wasn't agreed to in the beginning, BUT they can ruin it for themselves. When the earth can no longer sustain the damage humans inflict, she will shut down and go inwards to repair herself… just like we all do when we really need to heal. People would be wiped out because the earth cannot sustain life when she is doing major healing herself.

It could take many, many years for her to rejuvenate, but that is nothing for a non-linear energy like Gaia herself – it only matters to those who live in linear time like humans.  She ended by saying that humans would benefit by waking up and realizing that when they damage the earth they damage themselves as all is connected and a healthy connection is both very possible and impossible depending on our own evolution.

Whether these words were ideas being presented by the channeler herself or I was actually listening to Mother Gaia coming through this connection, I could feel the resonance of what she was saying right down to my toes and that scared me – because we truly need the earth to survive and yet we continue to abuse her in so many ways.

AND this is just one aspect of life…never mind the human relationships with each other (war, acts of terror, hate crimes).

So, in sum, this is where we are at – a tipping point, and I am talking about it… and you are listening, because these energies are pushing us all to awaken.

Reconnecting with Your Secret Power

Kari  Samuels says, "As you exercise your right [of free will], with every choice you either bring yourself further from your true divine nature, or closer to the truth of who you are."

Awakening is quite simply when you move in the direction of your truth.

Some of you might be thinking this movement involves a huge moment, a ritual or initiation that will awaken you from a deep sleep and create instant, major changes in your life. That might be what it feels like for people who have a near death experience and it changes them forever or who live through a major trauma and find nothing looks the same after… but that's not what we're going to do here.

Those things are like taking a person to the edge of a chasm (a cliff where you can see the other side) and saying, "jump…I promise you will be okay." When you have no choice because you've just choked on a piece of food and the light is coming at you – you might be willing to jump, but in our everyday, typical life…we need something a little easier to traverse. 

Instead, we are going to take the switchback (for the non hikers in the group that's the trail that heads back and forth up or down the side of the mountain – it's the long way, but it also feels a lot safer and gives you time to process).

If you find this trail is too easy and you are ready to accelerate or intensify the process, send me a message and we'll discuss a more intensive journey where you control the pace but we can move a lot faster.

To finish off today I'm going to share a brief overview of one big idea that is affected by everything you do in your life – it is your secret power. I've spoken on it before a while back, but it's worth talking about more than once and in different ways.

The idea that I'm talking about is Raising your vibrational energy…or at least becoming aware of it.

Everything in life is energy – including us. There is lower level energy and higher level energy and you have a fair amount of influence over the frequency you are putting out. When you practice compassion, seek to understand someone else, put your higher self in charge, allow yourself to dream, believe in the goodness of yourself and others, practice gratitude on a regular basis, and so on…you raise your vibrational energy.

When you criticize, blame, demean, give the cold shoulder, focus on the negatives, stuff your feelings, judge others, see only badness, strike out at others, etc,… you lower your vibrational energy.

The vibrational energy you put out into the environment, draws things back to you of the same basic frequency. Like attracts like… So if your Vibrational Energy is low because you are having a crappy day…you'll likely notice even more crap starts coming your way.

Abraham-Hicks likens this to a radio frequency…even when wonderful music is out there, if you aren't tuned into that station you will not hear it. That means the higher energy you sent out just that morning (before everything went bad), even though it might be bringing higher energy things back to you…you've now changed the station and will miss it!

This is the #1 reason people think the Law of Attraction doesn't work!

Please understand, no one is saying you must always be happy, chipper, positive… that is not realistic – remember it is the major challenges in our life that help us grow the most and that means life will be difficult at times.

But, the more aware you are of how you react to things, where you are adding to any negativity by responding with your ego – blaming, shaming, framing; or holding onto hurt, anger, frustration…or how you are feeding negativity with your thoughts or even when you are trying to save or change others… the more aware you are of this, the more able you will be to lighten up, let go, search for the good and/or practice those things that help to make you feel better.

So, notice how your thoughts, your actions towards others, your self-care practices and your ego-driven moments influence how heavy or light you feel. You'll find that feelings like relief, curiosity, acceptance and gratitude… are all raising points when you get stuck in lower energies.

For example, if you're feeling frustrated because you are stuck in traffic, instead of focusing on the fact you are going to be late and feeding the fire, you might do some deep breathing and focus on the relief it brings as it releases some tension. You also might try singing or humming to a song you like to shift you into relief.

Don't stop there…In good moments, focus on compassion, gratitude and trust, because these are feelings that will raise you to your highest frequency and ultimately that's where you want to spend most of your time.

For those who like sequence – here's are 3 steps to get you started:

Step 1: Notice where your Vibrational Energy is at (give a number from 1 –very low to 10 – super high) and become aware of what makes it fluctuate. For example, if you are filled with gratitude, feeling loving and compassionate towards yourself and others and believing you are looked after no matter what… you will be at a 10. If you're angry, impatient, irritated, annoyed… you're likely under a 5.

Step 2: Seek out skills, strategies and practices that help you raise your energy on a regular basis and especially when things happen to drop your level down. Shoot for the simple – breathing, movement, looking at puppies or kittens, going outside for a moment, stretching.

Step 3: Become aware of how things outside of you influence your Vibrational Energy and what you can do to avoid them if they bring you down or include them if they bring you up.

In the meantime continue to listen to my show, because everything I talk about is geared at helping you raise your Vibrational Energy and live your life on purpose.

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