Planning Ahead to Be An Empowered Mom with Sunit Suchdev

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Meet today's guest:

Sunit Suchdev

is an author, speaker and life coach who wants to inspire moms to be talking about all the amazing things they are doing instead of complaining about all they cannot do anymore. Her podcast and course "Modern Mommy Prepschool", targets first time moms to hold onto their power, parent with purpose and plan ahead to enjoy a fulfilling and happy mom life.

"What used to light you up? If you don't know, ask your partner, parents, family or friends – often other's can see things more easily than you can. Once you figure it out, create a list of all the things that fire you up and figure out how to bring them back into your life."

Sunit was in her 30's and had been trying to get pregnant for years. What shocked her most, was that so many of the new mothers around her did not seem to be enjoying motherhood, but instead were lamenting at all they had given up for this role (their marriage, their freedom, their identity). On top of this when she finally got pregnant at 36, other mothers started listing all the things she could now say good-bye to forever!

Listening to this was infuriating…

"I'm working so hard to have a baby and I wanted to be able to enjoy motherhood. I got it in my head that there has to be a better way! I did not go through years of infertility and all of this only to have children and not be able to live my life!"

Sunit decided to change her focus and start seeking out moms that she felt were the epitome of the kind of parent she really wanted to be. She used this information to help pull out the positives and create an environment where she could be a loving, fulfilled and excited mother.

"I was 36 when I finally got pregnant and I had lived a very fulfilled and established life beforehand that I was very attached to. I couldn't believe that having kids would mean the end of that."

Her kids (twins) are 5 years old now and it has been a very positive experience. Of course there are still challenges, but because of her preparation and purposefulness, overall it has been everything she wanted it to be.

This awakened a passion in Sunit and as a result she left the corporate world to create a business that focuses on helping new moms create the life of their dreams.

"Because of my preparation and planning for the kind of mom I wanted to be, I've had a really great and positive experience and I want to help other moms do that as well."

Below are just 5 of the many tips Sunit shared during our conversation. Check out the interview for all the wonderful details, stories and examples.

Tip #1: If you want to be inspired as a mom, talk to the women who inspire you and ignore those that don't.

Tip #2:  Don't waste your energy when you are pregnant on the shiny stuff…use those 9 months to ensure you are coming into this role fulfilled and in touch with who you are.

Tip #3: Use your past, present and future to help you be the parent you want to be.

Tip #4: Take your power back and focus on what's really important.

Tip #5: Give your children and partner the gift of a happy and fulfilled you.

Find out more about Sunit and her Modern Mommy Prep School on her website and be sure to check out her facebook page  for 1st time mothers.

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