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Meet today's guest:

Kerri Hummingbird

is a Soul Guide who mentors women through difficult life transitions by helping them to remember their essence and align their lives to it. Her award-winning memoir, Awakening To Me: One Woman's Journey To Self Love, reveals in vulnerable truth her process of reclaiming life after divorce.

She is certified in energy medicine by the Four Winds Light Body School, certified as a spiritual coach by the Artist of the Spirit Coach Training Program, certified as a firewalk instructor by Sundoor, and certified as a Warrior Goddess Facilitator.She is the 2017 President of the Austin Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). Kerri has over 20 years of experience in leading by inspiration, and a special passion for empowering women.

Tune in to this ½ hour interview with Kerri Hummingbird to learn about awakening the Deep Wise Woman within and reconnecting with your authentic self.

My mother's heart was saying – this is not working, something is wrong here. Interestingly while I was advocating for my son, I was also advocating for myself and my truth.

Becoming a mother was the starting point for a new phase of life in more ways than the obvious. Kerri Hummingbird knew her marriage wasn't working for her in many ways, but was content to maintain status quo and live the life society suggested she should want, at least until the birth of her first child.

"It was like a can of coke was being shaken. The pressure was building and it was getting hard to just let a little bit out at a time.

At some point the tension is so great between who we really are and who we are being told we should be, that something has to give.

Having a child awakened the sacred power within…the part of me that was a mother… and she didn't jive very well with who I was in my marriage."

As the Deep Wise Women within her awakened, she started disagreeing with a lot of things her husband was saying. "We never did see eye to eye but after having kids the differences were huge." At some point, Kerri realized that the relationship she was creating with her husband was patterned after her parents and her now ex-husband was playing the negative and controlling role of her mother.

"The process of becoming a mother really became a process of being myself and learning what's right from a place of inner discernment – my own inner guidance and own knowing. There's really not a lot of support for a woman's intuition if it doesn't match with logic or science."

When her older son struggled with school – especially teachers who used a controlling style similar to his dad's – conflict would arise. Kerri started asking her son what's really going on and then listening to what he would say.

"In many cases – my son's dad was saying things to him like 'you're lazy, you just don't want to do the work.' My standing up for him with the school was somebody standing up for him and believing in him. You are loved, believed, trusted are such important messages."

When we lose that connection to essence - that which is bigger than us - it keeps us small. When we open to it and reclaim it, we upset the apple cart and open ourselves to a lot of information that was always there, but we weren't aware of it.

"The key component to my ability to make this transformation was learning how to open to spirit – to guidance – opening to evidence that the universe was conspiring to help me grow!"

Learning from her mentor, HeatherAsh Amara, and becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded women who are exploring this vulnerability and opening to their spiritual connection, allowed Kerri to explore these unknown and important areas with guidance and support. It is so important to know you are never alone.

A tip Kerri shared for opening yourself up to your spiritual connection:

My first teacher Gerry Starns taught me to play a daily game called "Morning Messenger" to reconnect with spirit. For this game you go outside in the morning and open to any messages from spirit. Notice what stands out for you – a lizard, a hawk, a dragonfly, a license plate, a billboard… anything that speaks to you. Look up what that creature means or contemplate the sign. You'll know (feel) when the message is for you and doing this will start building your muscle of your intuition.

"Right before I left my ex-husband I had a sign. There I was holding the knotted end of a ship rope when I saw it fly out of my hands.

I recognized this was the end of the rope.

The way to heed the signal is through action. If you don't act it creates a lot of stagnation. This can be a small action like looking for alternative living accommodations. Trust that you are being led in the right direction. Heeding the signals won't make it easy, but you'll know when it's right because things will unfold to support you in the process."

For other tips and more of Kerri's story be sure to listen to the podcast!

Gift from Kerri:

21 Day Challenge to Catalyze your life which incorporates a lot of the things Kerri explored on her journey to find herself.

Resources mentioned:

Kerri's memoir: Awakening To Me: One Woman's Journey To Self Love

Kerri's website:

Kerri's podcast and video: Soul Nectar Show

HeatherAsh Amara – Warrior Goddess Facilitator;

Gerry Starns -

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