How to Leverage Epigenetics for Better Health, Joy & Radiance with Naturopath Cherie Gorringe

How to Leverage Epigenetics for Better Health, Joy & Radiance with Naturopath Cherie Gorringe

Meet today's guest:


Cherie Gorringe

founder of Evolve Your Health Natural Medicine Clinic, is a NHAA registered Naturopathic Clinician, Epigenetic Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Public Educator and Mother of two who has been involved the wellness industry for over 15 years.

Operating within an integrative, functional and holistic framework, Cherie loves uncovering the root cause of imbalance or illness and assisting people on their journey to wellness. Cherie's interest in nature's medicine was inspired by her mother, who commonly mixed up natural brews and potions to fortify the family.

Cherie's learnings came as a result of having to navigate her own way out of a severe personal health challenge when doctors had no answers. This experience drives her desire and dedication to promote and provide access to the healing power of Nature for all.   Website:

Imagine having a way to know, not just what you should eat to best serve your body, but even when would be the optimal time for you to eat it?

Or how about knowing exactly when in the year is the top time for you to take a holiday and what kind of climate would best help to rejuvenate you?

What if that was just the beginning?

My guest today, Cherie Gorringe, studies Epigenetics and came on the show to help us all understand a little more about this cutting edge and very exciting area of study.

Cherie became interested in natural health when doctors were unable to help her with a health challenge that had started in her childhood. At sixteen years old she finally decided to consult a naturopath who was able to help her IBS in just a few months.

Because of that experience, I realized there were other things out there that could help me and that it wasn't necessarily through the doctor or medication that I was going to get well. I went on a journey to find out how we could best assist ourselves naturally and that lead me to becoming a naturopath and more recently diving into the world of Epigenetics, which is really where my passion lies now.

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is not as difficult to understand as you might expect, Cherie explained:

Epigenetics sounds complicated, but boiled down it means above the gene. It's the study of what influences the gene's expression, as in, what is turning it on or off.  Thanks to many scientists, we're starting to learn now that genes don't actually cause disease in the human body despite common belief. Genes are actually regulated by both our internal and external environment.

We are now empowering people to understand that they have many opportunities to influence the way their body is in health through the concept of Epigenetics. This allows people to understand far more than what foods they need to eat or what exercise they need to do. The system we use also tells them when is the best time for them to sleep, eat, or do exercise as well as what climate works best for their genetics.

Cherie works with a specific Epigenetics system that uses ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, along with a lot of modern science to create a very robust and intuitive platform.

She shared with us how this platform has helped her gain a lot more clarity on how to help people choose a diet that will really work for them.

As a practitioner I was often in dilemma about whether a person should be eating a vegetarian diet or if a paleo diet (meat, greens, nuts and seeds) would suit them better. There is so much information out there, even as a trained professional I was confused about what would be best.  With this platform, the guessing is removed as the body type alone helps to share clues about which diet will help that person thrive.

In our discussion Cherie shared how this platform helped her learn the best way for her to meditate (it definitely isn't what you would think!); how we could positively influence future generations if parents and teachers applied this information to understanding kids; and how you can use the system to support and improve your relationship with your significant other or even your larger extended family.

It truly is like cracking your personal code to how you and your loved ones will function best.

"Knowing your Epigenetic truth and what is fundamentally right for you, can help you avoid the trial, error and energy that go into following fad "one size fits all" approaches, and provides you with a level of confidence when making choices. You can be more at ease and peace with your body, knowing it has a specific design and purpose and then learning how to fine tune and optimise it in a way that works best for you."

This is not a fad. There are functional medicine doctors, General Practitioners, chiropractors, osteopaths, health coaches and everyone in between using this information to help raise awareness and improve the lives and optimal health of the people that come to them.

Listen to the show to hear all the great stories and fascinating insights Cherie shared with us, including how you might want to get involved in a grassroots movement ideally suited for stay-at-home or part-time moms.

To find out more about the Health Coach opportunity, contact Cherie via email ( and she will point you in the right direction.

Keen to learn more about the Epigenetics platform Cherie uses to help her clients live an optimal life? Click here – to read more about it and set up a 7 day free trial if interested!

Download your copy of Cherie's special gift here: 8 Ways Epigenetics Can Inspire You To Be A Better Parent

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