How a Mom to Triplets Stays Sane, Enjoys Life & Builds a Business with Michelle Green

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Meet today's guest:

Michelle Green

Michelle Green is a mother to triplets as well as the woman behind the Business of Baking blog, book and podcast.

She owned a custom cake company for over ten years before deciding to sell it so she could become a full time mentor and teacher to other women in the sweet food industry.

These days she likes to talk about cake more than make it!


I often felt criticized for the choices I made as a mother, so I made the decision to tune out what those people were saying. "My life, my rules and as long as my kids are happy and well and I'm happy and well then I'm okay with my decisions!"

Michelle wasn't planning to have 3 kids never mind have all 3 at once.

My dreams didn't involve a partner or kids when I was young, in fact I don't even find puppies all that cute. I was going to be the cool auntie that everyone wanted to visit and hang out with, but not necessarily create a family of my own.

 Michelle came to Australia on a one year study abroad program and met her husband. This was not what she had been looking for, but as happens to so many of us, when it comes to love things don't always go as planned.

Right from the start my husband was clear that having kids was a non-negotiable for him, so even though that wasn't how I had thought things would play out in my life, I knew going in that this was now part of my future.

As fate would have it, Michelle ended up with a very planned, orderly and organized pregnancy as she underwent IVF, but still hadn't foreseen a multiple birth.

I was thrilled and terrified to find out I was pregnant with triplets. I didn't have a lot of experience with babies so I obviously felt a bit apprehensive, yet I tend to be a roll with the punches kind of girl so I decided to trust that we would figure it out.

She read a lot of books, learned what she could about multiple births and managed to create a life that worked for her, her kids and her hubby.

Catch the interview for the details and find out more about how Michelle lost and rediscovered her own identity, left her secure University job, went to school and built a business – all while raising triplets.

Highlights Reel:

Working Outside the Home

 I admire stay at home moms and for a nanosecond thought that would be my only choice. Just as quickly I realized this was never in the cards for me. I needed to find a solution that would allow me to stay sane and raise these kids.

Identity Theft

 I love being a mom and my kids mean the world to me, but I didn't want to be "the triplet's mom". I wanted to be Michelle – who happened to have triplets – rather than be defined by it.

A Shortened Mat Leave

Being asked to return to work at 6 months (rather than the full year mat leave) turned out to be an important step in recovering my own identity.

Following my Heart

When my kids were two, I left my job…applied for and was accepted to go to culinary school. I trained as a pastry chef and finessed my way into a job that started at 3 am each morning. I managed to work, continue going to school and raise my kids. Although I was tired, I was 1000 fold happier than I was in my previous job because I was doing something that spoke to my soul.

Authentic Guilt

 I adore being a mom. I adore my kids and they are a massive driving force in my success. I did have mommy guilt sometimes, but the compulsion to be my own person was stronger.

Final Thought

You have permission to be someone outside of your kids. You can choose yourself and them at the same time. The gifts that you are giving your kids go way beyond the motherhood role.


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