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Meet today's guest:

Nicola Grace

From cancer to making history saving a billion dollar industry from ruin, award winning strategist and best selling author Nicola Grace The Mission Mentor, helps Entrepreneurs & Visionaries clarify and monetize their life's big mission so they can make a bigger impact, transform the world and build their legacy.

Nicola’s Intuitive Visionary strategy skills have made her the secret weapon of politicians, business owners, social entrepreneurs, social innovators, thought leaders and an entire industry body.


Do you know what you've come here to do?

Is your 'soul' purpose to have and raise your child(ren)?  If so does this mean when they leave the nest you will be purposeless?

My guest this week on Vibrant, Powerful Moms, is Nicola Grace, also known as the Mission Mentor, and she helps people figure out their  mission and higher purpose so they can live a life that is both aligned and fulfilling.

"Searching out your purpose, soul expression and mission can actually help you be a better mom because it allows you to bring pieces of it into your interactions with your child. That will make you happier, help you have more fun and build stronger relationships."

Nicola's own story is one of trials and tribulations as she tried to uncover her own purpose in life. She started out as a history teacher, moved into dance and choreography, shifted into television, corporate and then spiritual training. On and on it went, with each move making Nicola think she'd found her passion only to have the rug pulled out from under her again and again.

Nicola also dealt with cancer – twice. The first time it was leukemia and the second time, final stage melanoma. This was what lead her to work with the Natural Health Industry in New Zealand when, out of nowhere, she developed a strategy that saved this billion dollar industry from ruin.

People told her this was obviously her gift and that she should take what she did there and boil it down to determine her 'secret sauce' so she could go out and share that with the world. She did…and it was here that she found her soul purpose and with it her life force.

"The full vibrancy of your life force is accessed by connecting to your soul purpose!"

Nicola shared lots of great tips and ideas during our interview for creating a life that truly fills you up and keeps you vibrant.  Here's a few of the highlights, but be sure to check out the audio for all of the goods.

3 Tips for moms who have put their career on hold…

The world is changing and with it the workforce. There is a pathway forwards that can use all your skills – you have not wasted your time or your education.

The world is your oyster. Be prepared to take the journey because it will give you all of the answers that you are looking for and everything will fall into place and come together in a way that makes sense to you.

When you know what you are building and are passionate about it you have a natural fire driving you to do it.

3 Reasons why you want to uncover your purpose…

Your job will suck the life out of you if you are not enjoying it!

You'll always be viable in the market when you're looking at building a career or a business based on your purpose.

When you know your purpose and when you know your mission… that becomes part of the greater good. When people are working with you they are helping to build that mission and are therefore contributing to the world in a positive way.

3 Ways the market is changing…

You can't just be exchanging money for goods and services anymore. You have to also exchange a feeling of greater purpose.

Donating 1% of your profits to charity is no longer enough!

I'm not a fan of 'giving it a try' especially in this market where the job pool and what everybody is trained for is dwindling. Just about everybody needs to go out and get re-educated or learn something new to prepare for the new world that we're moving into.

The ideal way to re-enter the workforce…

"If I was starting all over again I would do the self-discovery work and search out your soul expression first. That's where your mojo is! So if you build your future on anything other than what brings out your highest potential it's not going to have the same outcome."

Living a life that fills you with passion, purpose and prosperity is part of being a vibrant, powerful mom. Nicola's interview along with her generous gift can help you figure out what this means to you.

Gift: Check out Nicola's 5 Day Purpose Aligned Business Challenge – and learn about your soul expression; your higher purpose; how to monetize your mission to make a difference; and so much more!  (I loved this so much I became an affiliate!)

Nicola's website:

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