Discover the Four Sacred Gifts for Creating Healthy and Happy Connections with Yourself and the World Around You With Anita Sanchez

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Meet today's guest:

Dr. Anita Sanchez

inspires & trains leaders (in business, communities and families) to discover and trust their gifts so that they become the life-giving connection to all.  Passionate about bridging indigenous wisdom and modern sciences to create thriving, caring and sustainable work places and communities around the world. Anita focuses on diversity, inclusion and engagement, culture change, and leadership development.


She is a speaker and author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times, Simon & Schuster, releasing tomorrow - September 5, 2017.  She's also co-author of an international best selling Success University for Women in Business; Ecological and Social Healing:  Multicultural Women’s Voices.   She's a member of the Transformational Leadership Council,  as well as Board member of the Pachamama Alliance, and Bioneers.

Discover the Four Sacred Gifts for Creating Healthy and Happy Connections with Yourself and the World Around You

"It is really important to surround ourselves by people and beings that are about our best benefit."

Interviewing Dr. Anita Sanchez was like sitting with a good friend and diving deep into important topics in a light hearted way. We started out discussing Indigenous Wisdom – what it is and how one can use it to build great relationships.

Indigenous Wisdom is about staying connected to the earth and truly understanding that we are all related to each other. Indigenous Elders teach us one way to apply this wisdom is to listen, not only with the softest part of our ears, but also with our hearts open. That's where we can make a true connection with our families, nature, colleagues…

Anita's new book The Four Sacred Gifts; Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times launches tomorrow (Sept. 5/17).  In it, Anita shares how twenty-seven Indigenous Elders from around the world came together and learned four gifts from Spirit that could help every person live a whole and happy life.

Anita and I discussed two of the gifts; the power to forgive the unforgiveable and the power of hope in action (although she shares all four in the interview).  Anita shared a beautiful example of how her own life required her to learn and understand what's necessary to truly forgive the unforgiveable.

"Growing up quite poor, being Mexican American and Native American, I saw a lot of injustices. And then my father was killed.  That would all be enough to try and forgive hurts and mistreatments, but on top of that it got complicated because my father was also my abuser. So I really have lived a lifetime of learning and understanding how to truly forgive the unforgiveable."

Anita shared great ideas for how you can strengthen your forgiveness muscle and practice healing. She also shared how to fuel hope and help it to grow; how she modeled these four gifts for her son to help him thrive despite heartbreak; how she uses positive imbalance to keep herself loving life…and so much more.

Tune into the show to hear all the nuggets of wisdom!  You'll even get to hear Anita sing a verse of a beautiful gratitude song.

Anita left us with these words to ponder:

"As one mom to other moms – we really matter and it's important we give to ourselves.

 These four sacred gifts have been put in the book for you and me because we matter. Everything we give to ourselves that is good we are able to more fully model to our loved ones, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbours."

Just click the link above to listen to the interview!

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Four Sacred Gifts and download a beautiful and uplifting complimentary song from the site while you are there!

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