Align With Your Highest Values & Create an Extraordinary Life  with Dr. John Demartini

Align With Your Highest Values & Create an Extraordinary Life with Dr. John Demartini

Meet today's guest:


Are you fully aware of your highest values in life?

Did you know that what you value actually drives your behaviours?

Have you been informed that as long as you are allowing yourself to waste your energy on low priority things in your life, you're trapping yourself, devaluing yourself, dis-empowering yourself. ..AND this lack of fulfillment will be projected onto other people – most especially your loved ones?

Give yourself 30 minutes and listen to this Vibrant, Powerful Moms episode where my guest, Dr. John Demartini, highlights what you most need to know about your values so that you can build strong relationships, avoid sinking your energy into things that won't serve you and create an extraordinary life!

Here are just a few of the words of wisdom shared by Dr. Demartini:

It really doesn't matter what happens to you in life once you learn to ask the right questions.

The quality of your life is based upon the quality of the questions you ask. If you ask great questions, you can make anything you experience in life be on the way…not IN the way. This allows you to become the master of your destiny rather than a victim of your history.

In truth, you have control over 3 things in life - your perceptions, decisions and actions… which means your experience is always based on;

  • what you perceive to be happening to you

  • what you decide to do with it

  • how you act upon it

AND nothing else!

It is critical you become aware of your highest values…

Every human being on the planet, regardless of age or development, has a set of priorities or values. These things can evolve and change as you grow, but at any moment in life, you have things that are most important to you which dictate your perceptions, decisions and actions.

Anytime you are setting goals and intentions that are aligned to what you value most, you have the highest probability of achieving it, seeing the possibilities, making decisions quickly and taking actions that you will actually see to completion.

When you do things that are high in value, you grow in self-worth, you are spontaneously inspired, you have more fuel and energy, you automatically expand your time and space horizons, and you give yourself permission to do something extraordinary.

On the flip side, anytime you are doing lower priority things you're devaluing yourself. You're automatically moving into the lower primitive part of the brain where you want immediate gratification rather than recognizing your long term vision. This shrouds and clouds the clarity of your mission. It also hinders the power that you have to make a difference in the world.

Everything you do is based on what you value – Nobody actually goes to work for the sake of a job. They go to work to fulfill what they value most. Nobody is in a relationship except to fulfill what they value most. .. your identity, your purpose, what you want to learn… everything revolves around your highest value.

Your highest value is the cornerstone to your existence… and so I (Dr. Demartini) help people find out what that is and then structure their life wisely and prioritize according to what they value most.

The magnificence of who you are is far greater than any fantasy you'll impose on yourself

Nothing is stopping you from having the life that you want except your own time management.

Listen to the show…

  • Find out how you can align with your highest values even when you feel like you don't have an ideal job or life situation.

  • Learn the 7 areas of life you must empower – because any area you do not empower is an area someone else will overpower.

  • Become aware of how your values can help you link with your life partner and your children to create an extraordinary journey together.

  • Hear how you can use your 'to do' list to create a vibrant life rather than setting yourself up for overwhelm.

  • Be enlightened about how gratitude can help keep you aligned with your values

  • And so much more!

Complete your complimentary Value Determination Exercise and become clear on what your highest values really are

If you're reading this before January 5th, 2018… pick up your extra bonus gift from Dr. Demartini:   The Values Empowerment Factora presentation on the empowering value of Values

Finally… Before you go to bed at night and first thing when you wake up in the morning… say to yourself,

"I now give myself permission to do something extraordinary on planet earth.  No matter what I've done or not done, I am worthy of love and it is impossible for me not to fulfill my mission, it is my destiny."

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