3 Tips to Soothe Your Soul

Podcast 020 - Soothe Your Soul

Today we're going back in the deep end to help you soothe your soul and continue to awaken.

At the end of the mini-series on awakening, I shared the idea of paying attention to your vibrational energy because everything is energy including us. I talked about how our thoughts and feelings influence our energy and how that vibe goes out into the world and attracts thing vibrating at a similar level back to us.

Today I want to share some more tips and tools to help you do this. Living life – especially on autopilot – has a way of bringing us down on a regular basis. The density around us provides a constant pull – like gravity multiplied by 100 - meaning we have to stay tuned in and aware if we don't want to allow our energy to drop and attract back low level things.

To really continue tuning in to your vibrational energy and keep it as high as possible, there are different tips, tools and awareness pieces that can help. Today I want to share 3 with you.

3 Tips for raising your vibrational energy

Tip #1: Move out of the shadow and into the light. Tune in to who you really are and let her shine!What makes you tick, what are you passionate about, where are you holding back?You truly are unique and that is a wonderful thing. The problem is most of us have been trained to hide a little bit (or a lot) of who we are. Maybe you've been told you laugh too loud or you're too quick to trust other people. Maybe it's been suggested you daydream too much and need to spend more time focusing on getting things done.

You also could be in a job you don't really like, but are there because someone else felt that's where you should be. You might be afraid to course correct because you took schooling to get where you are and to change now would be such a waste. Or maybe you're afraid if you stop now you'll be seen as a failure and people will think you're not smart enough, strong enough or committed enough to see things through.

These are all conscious corrections, things you are aware of, but are pushing aside in hopes they will eventually go away. It's totally worth it to stop changing who you are or holding yourself back, to make other people more comfortable AND as we talked about before, if you're getting subtle reminders to make these changes it would be in your best interest to pay attention.

But these conscious situations are only part of the problem. The bigger shadow creator, are all those programs that run in your subconscious mind (SCM).

I like to think of this part of the brain as the attic or storage room. There is all kinds of stuff you've put in there and forgotten about (or you've stored without realizing it) because most of our programming was done in the first 7 years of life. It's even possible some of your programming isn't from this lifetime, but is leftover challenges from past lives.

The problem is the SCM computer runs in the background - all the time. Similar to a lot of software nowadays, your SCM pulls out your favorite programs and runs them for you. You don't even know they are playing, yet they influence somewhere around 95% of your daily existence.

The good news…

Just like making a trip to the attic and looking through that old album, which reminds you of that day you spent with Grandma back when you were 4 years old…by shining a light into your SCM you can bring a program from the attic into your living room or conscious mind. This can be done on purpose using tools such as; meditation, hypnotherapy,  past life regression, dream analysis or pattern recognition, just to name a few.

Sometimes, it's like the attic door gets left open and something falls out… in reality the trigger might be a smell, sound, song, taste or emotional charge that shakes loose a memory and just like the meatball on top of spaghetti it rolls on out the door.

I recovered a repressed memory this way when I was in high school spying on a boy I liked. I was in the library pretending to be engrossed in a book on the shelf, my heart was pounding out of fear the boy might figure out I was watching him, when I suddenly realized the books in front of me were on sexual abuse. At first I was super embarrassed, but something made me reach out anyway and take the book off the shelf.

As I leafed through the pages I forgot all about the boy and suddenly found myself remembering situations with an adult in my life that were inappropriate, abusive and often shrouded in that same heightened emotion of 'getting caught'. I never consciously realized what was going on was wrong (I certainly didn't know it was abuse), but my young self intuitively knew it was something to hide (which was supported by him telling me it would be our little secret). The abuse had stopped several years before, but that moment in the library suddenly brought it out of hiding.

This allowed me to bring it into my consciousness so that I could work through issues as they arose and get the support I would need to deal with this trauma.

Obviously these kinds of retrievals are hard to create – unless you've already noticed a pattern or problem that keeps coming up and decide you are ready to get help to deal with it.  I'll come back to this story later, but for now let me share a much simpler tool just to show you how you can start cleaning the attic on your own.

If you want to (and it's safe to do so) close your eyes, empty your mind and breathe deeply to set the stage for this. For some you might do better with a piece of paper and writing utensil.

Think back to when you started school…try to really put yourself back in that space and time. Go as far back as you can remember (kindergarten? Daycare?) and think about what kinds of data you were collecting. Here's one of mine as an example:

  • Smart kids are at the front of the train …I am closer to the back. The competition introduced to get kids tying their shoes in a timely fashion in kindergarten, planted a seed that I was slower to learn…that maybe I shouldn't raise my hand unless I was sure of an answer.

If you're struggling to remember those years directly, you can sometimes get to them by tracing a pattern backwards from later in your life. As an adult I always struggled to raise my hand in a group setting like a classroom. I'd be okay if I was called upon right away to share my thoughts, but if I had to wait with my hand up I'd have to consciously work to keep self-doubt and fear at bay. Here's what I figured out when I shone a light on this pattern:

  • Already in Kindergarten & Grade 1: You take a risk every time you open your mouth and ask a question or give an answer. If you are wrong people will laugh (including the teacher) or sometimes it means you will be asked a whole bunch of questions and have to think on the spot.
  • Over time I learned to be as quiet as possible in hopes I would disappear. Asking questions put me in the spotlight – the spotlight is uncomfortable …I want to stay out of the spotlight

Pulling this out of my attic as an adult allowed me to correct my faulty thinking. I'm an introvert so I don't crave the spotlight, although I've realized that when I feel ready and go of my own accord I can do okay there.

Another correction I made is that the ability to tie shoes has to do with fine motor skills – not how smart you are. Being an introvert, being 4 years old when I started school and struggling with some fine motor skills did not make me slow or stupid. I could be in whatever section of the train I wanted to be in.

I also learned I do best in a group if I talk within the first few minutes of being in there (this also guides me in how I like to run my workshops)

The point, just a little exercise like this, can bring something from your SCM up front for you to see. Becoming aware of the program is always the first step to making changes.

Tip number one then: Commit to finding a revealing the real you – I guarantee you she is wonderful and worth exploring.

Tip #2: Open yourself up to receive – gifts, compliments, love, healing, a helping hand…

This sounds like such a simple thing to do, yet it is not. Most of us have been taught that to need something from someone else makes you weak, immodest or sets you up to owe them (principle of obligation). This stops us from being a true team member and collaborating effectively with others, plus it robs us of the pleasure receiving can bring.

It's also common to struggle with guilt (which can actually be tied to vows of poverty you've taken in past lives!), feeling unworthy of what you are receiving and concern that our good fortune might hurt someone else because they aren't in the receiving lane.

The ability to receive is actually tied to the divine feminine. We will talk about this more in a later podcast, but for now, let me just say that if you struggle with receiving you can end up blocking everything you've ever desired from coming your way. Receiving and the pleasure it brings are two key pieces to filling up your tank so it's very important you learn how open up to it.

Here's a really simple task to increase your awareness in this department:

Tune in to what you do or say when someone tries to give you something. Let's start with a simple compliment or praise. Really notice your response (even if it's just in your head!).

Compliment example: I just want to say you did a really awesome job at that meeting…

Do you find yourself:

deflecting  - It was okay… so about the new system… correcting - It was the team, not just me denying  - Actually I had little to do with it, Bridgette looked after the food- and we all know good food makes for a good meeting. reciprocating  - Well thanks for coming – it's people like you who participate fully that make it work minimizing  - It was nothing, it's amazing how much software can help with something like this rejecting  - Well thanks, but I really didn't do anything special

If you're honest with yourself, you'll likely find receiving a compliment can be quite a challenge. If so, that's where you'll start… see if instead of falling into any of these (or your own special) pattern, you can consciously absorb the moment and fully receive what has been given. Feel the compliment, take it in, smile and respond with something like, "Thank you, it feels great to hear you say that."

Now, don't stop there. Just because you open up to receiving compliments doesn't mean you're ready to accept gifts, a helping hand, a loving gesture…etc. Keep at it and (for bonus vibrational energy) don't forget to express gratitude for all you receive.

Tip #3: Practice forgiving – remember, every situation you encounter in life is meant to help you evolve as a soul. This can be a hard pill to swallow if you've been abused, abandoned, traumatized, tortured…or experienced other things in life that feel very personal and hurtful. So I say this with much compassion and love… forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

Forgiveness allows you to take back the energy you are investing in being mad, hurt, ashamed, disgusted or revengeful and to instead surround yourself with the positive energy of compassion and understanding. You see, as long as you refuse to forgive someone – even yourself, you make it impossible for that relationship to evolve. When it's someone else, you are giving them space, rent free, in your head. When it's yourself that you refuse to forgive, you stop yourself from healing and ever truly loving yourself.

Practicing forgiveness is an important part to standing in your power and being a vibrant, powerful mom.

When I first recovered the memory that I had been sexually abused by an adult I loved dearly I blamed myself. Why didn't I know it was wrong, why didn't I tell him to stop and what had I done that had led him to believe I was interested? This made me feel bad, wrong, faulty, dirty, broken, unlovable. For many years this feeling stuck with me. The few people I told about it got very angry with this man which only made me feel worse because I believed I had caused it (although I never told them that).

It wasn't until I figured out it was me I had to forgive before I could move on in life that I was able to release this. This was more than just saying I forgive you – you can't fool yourself in that department…this involved finding that little Debbie, taking her on my knee, hugging her and letting her know it was okay that she had manifested that experience. I told her we were stronger, smarter and better able to live our life fully because of it and thanked her.  We cried together as she expressed her fear and then we danced through a whole array of emotions as they surfaced and released.

Once that was done, we shifted our focus to seeing all the benefits that had come from this experience and sent love, forgiveness and gratitude to the perpetrator and all the adults who, had they known, would have protected me. This released the emotional hold of the memory so completely that I often forget it ever happened.

When you feel like you've been wronged or done something wrong …you carry that energy with you in your heart. As a result, you push yourself harder, are less trustful of your own guidance, you create impossible and inflexible standards for yourself AND you lower your vibrational energy.

So, your mission, should you chose to accept it is to think about one thing you might be refusing to forgive yourself or someone else for. It doesn't really matter what it is… all that matters is that you bring it out of the attic and into your awareness so you can recognize how it is stealing power from you.

When you are able to forgive (which is not that difficult with the right guidance) and learn to appreciate how that situation helped you become who you are today, everything changes.

The ability to forgive will help you plug a drain that is stealing your vibrancy and stopping you from fully owning your power. I know it feels like you are flexing your power muscles by refusing to forgive, but – as counter intuitive as it seems – the exact opposite is actually true.

By tuning into where you are disconnected from yourself and becoming aware of programs that are holding you back by running in your SCM, you open the door to all kinds of good things to come your way. By opening yourself up to receive those good things, you increase your vibrancy and refill your pleasure tank. By remembering to forgive both yourself and others when things don't go as you might have liked, you are benefiting from the lessons and plugging a drain that would otherwise put you back in your shadow. You're also reminding your ego that winning doesn't always look the way you had imagined.

These 3 practices will help you raise your vibrational energy which means you will be there when your vibes attract great things back to you…and because you are open to receiving it they'll raise you even higher.

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With much respect for you and the journey you are on…this is Debbie Pokornik wishing you a vibrant and powerful day.

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