Living the Dream with Brianna Rooney

Living the Dream with Brianna Rooney

Meet Our Guest:

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Brianna Rooney

Brianna Rooney is 33 years old, owns a very successful recruiting firm named Techees, has two houses, a top 100 restaurant, an amazing Chef of a husband, an almost 5 year old son - Diego Danger (yes that's his real middle name) as well as a sweet 17 month old daughter, Lima Ariel. 

When I first chatted with Brianna a few months ago, she had moved her family down to Mexico for the summer and was working remotely from there letting her kids soak up the culture…loving her life and living the dream.  


She really is a woman who walks her talk and is passionate about helping other moms do the same thing.

Is it possible to live a fun and fulfilling life while raising kids and having a career?

According to this week’s guest Brianna Rooney, it is absolutely doable, and she is living proof.

When I met Brianna (over zoom) a few months ago, she had taken her family down to Mexico to live for the summer. From that spot in paradise her kids could soak up the culture, her family could get in lots of quality time and she could check-in with her thriving business when needed.

Of course, we don’t all need or want to leave the country to create our powerful life, but the point is, this kind of lifestyle is within your reach should you so desire it.

Brianna shared some of her secrets for living a balanced life with emphasis on the idea that kids don’t have to result in the end of your career.

I discovered my true power after I had my first child and went back to work. I was so focused I managed to decrease my hours yet increase my success.

She reminded us to take a moment and notice all that we do. She also shared how caught up we get in thinking we must do something to make other people happy, when in fact we only have ourselves to answer to.

She suggested we cut ourselves some slack – both as a mom and as a career woman and, figure out a way to separate your mom role from your career role.

I think having a career and a family is not about giving yourself a hard time on either level – mom or career. And, also, realizing they are two separate entities and they should stay that way as much as possible. For example, I am Brianna Rooney at work, professionally, and then I get home and I am Brianna Sanchez, the mom.

This idea of shifting perspective so you can look at life more objectively, is one I love to talk about and was happy to hear a real-life example of how Brianna puts it into action.

Throughout the show we talked about ‘phubbing’ (which is the name given to snubbing someone by choosing your phone in that moment over the person right in front of you); about the negative influence mom’s judging other moms has on us all; and ideas for getting things done even when you have your kids around you all the time.

I tell my kids when I have something important to do; Give me 2 minutes, then I put on a timer or tell them, after this song I'm ready to go [or play with you].

Finally, we closed the show by having Brianna share about her recruiting training program which moms can sign up for and learn about in the comfort of their own home so that they can create a lucrative business while still being there for their kids. Check out to find out more.

Recruiting is perfect for moms who are at home… all you need is a phone and a computer.

Find out about Brianna’s successful recruiting firm here and her top 100 restaurant here

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