How to Reconnect with your Playful Power for Maximum Effectiveness with Tammy Leitzel

How to Reconnect with your Playful Power for Maximum Effectiveness with Tammy Leitzel

Meet today’s guest:

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Tammy Leitzel is a sensuality expert and empowerment coach who helps women who regain their confidence and sense of self-worth after relationship or sexual trauma. She teaches sensual self-expression in a safe and playful manner which helped 1000’s of women shed the past, leading them to feel greater levels of empowerment and self-expression.

“Body ownership is your fundamental human right. It’s your ability to act, to state your beliefs and to actually possess your own body.”

You could hear the passion in Tammy Leitzel’s voice this week as she shared with us what body
ownership means to her.

Body ownership is about having autonomy – or freedom from external control – as well as sovereignty, which is the ability to govern yourself. I feel like as women we’re given so many rules of engagement about not only how we are supposed to look, but how we are supposed to think, feel and act. By using the term body ownership I think it takes women right into the heart of where we can actually get a handle on improving our lives.

This is more than just setting and enforcing boundaries. It means that you own and operate everything in your body…your own mind, your beliefs, your choices and your behaviours.

Tammy talked about how you have every right to say Yes, and then later change that Yes to a No without apology. We explored the topic of sensuality versus sexuality and discussed how sexual assault damages this connection as well as why it’s critical that women mend any broken connections.

Sensuality is our feminine way of expressing ourselves. So think of the innocent movements of little girls… that’s sensuality, not sexuality, but what sexual assault does is it damages our own self identity. It assaults our sensuality. Sexual trauma affects the very core of what makes us women and it robs us of our trust that the world is safe for us.

… what’s very sexy for one person may just be sensual for another. The difference between sexual to sensual is more a spectrum than a black and white scale.

… once you’ve explored the edges of your boundaries between sensuality and sexuality and you learn what you’re comfortable with you don’t get knocked off center as quickly.

We ventured into a discussion about being sexualized before we even know about sensuality and why this is a huge problem for so many of us.

I believe that women, girls in particular, are sexualized before we ever even know what sensuality is AND right there is the root of the problem … And Tammy used a story I shared from my past to teach us how we can heal.

Many women think they want to learn sexual dance moves, but really what we want to do is reconnect back to our sensual selves.

Tammy shared how we can speak up when we feel ready to, how we can move our bodies to start reconnecting with our sensual side and even shared tips for how the well-meaning men in our lives can support us.

Listen to the show to get all the goods and start reawakening your connection with your sensual side today!

Be sure to head over to Tammy’s website at to take her complimentary
wow factor challenge and pick up a copy of the article she wrote for you, entitled 3 Things You
Must Know About Body Ownership

Once again, Tammy and I had so much fun we decided to have her come back in early in 2019 to talk about how a person can be Godly in her own body even as she’s being sensual!

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