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MONDAYS 2:30 PM PT! Vibrant, Powerful Moms with Debbie Pokornik - Helping Everyday Women Create Extraordinary Lives!  

Often it is the simple, little things you do every day that will have the greatest influence on your overall life experience. Your host, Debbie Pokornik, will share thoughts, tips and stories from her own life to help you become aware of things you might be doing to hold yourself back as well as to inspire and guide you to create a life you love. Debbie's shows will cover topics such as; self-awareness, relationship building, healthy living, parenting, emotional intelligence, and spirituality. Debbie will also welcome guests who she believes will share helpful information for living a vibrant and powerful life. 

So, whether you’re a mom who feels stuck on autopilot; a proactive learner who’s already well-versed in living an awakened life; or a commuter who’s looking for something upbeat and informative to listen to during your travels, this show is created for you.



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